Eliminate Poverty in Your Community

We help people move from generational poverty to economic self-sufficiency through the dignity of work and a model based on the success of Cincinnati Works.

This is not a job-placement model. It is a poverty-elimination model. Our focus is: “Get a job. Keep the job. Advance.”

You can implement the Cincinnati Works Business Model in your community.

  • With our start-up process, you will have a self-sustaining social enterprise within two years.
  • You will empower individuals to break free of generational poverty, which continues to rise decade after decade.

Parents pursuing this path are transformed by restored dignity and self-esteem, and they will model new behaviors – including a new work ethic – for their children. As a result, you will allow families to experience the security of economic self-sufficiency and elevate future generations.

We can eliminate poverty. You can make a dramatic impact on the lives of people and their children who want to escape generational poverty.

Our Team

Cynthia Lamb

Cynthia Lamb, President

Cynthia Lamb has worked in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, for startups and Fortune 500 companies, in industries from banking to golf courses to higher education. In her current role as President of The Network, she applies those experiences and her skills in leadership, innovation and relationship management to fight poverty across the country. As new Associates join The Network, Cynthia provides particular insight into startup operations and fundraising.

She came to Cincinnati Works in 2017 from Mount St. Joseph University, where she served as the key liaison between the school and the business community, leveraging relationships to uncover new educational opportunities and develop customized educational programs. In addition, she is founder and president of Rhino Enterprises, which provides marketing, promotional, and customer relationship management solutions to small and mid-sized organizations.

Cynthia earned her MBA from Xavier University and a B.A. in public administration from Miami University.

Glenna Parks

Glenna Parks, Director

As Director of The Network, Glenna Parks utilizes her strengths in communication, collaboration and coaching to support the successful implementation of the Cincinnati Works Business Model beyond the Cincinnati area. In order to efficiently spread the model to new markets, Glenna serves as a programming consultant for replication sites (Associates) while developing a formal Network to support all Associates.

Glenna has been a member of the Cincinnati Works team since 1998, giving her a unique insight into the Cincinnati Works Business Model. She served in a number of capacities, including Office Manager, Operations Manager (during Cincinnati Works’ first expansion into a new neighborhood) and Program Director of the satellite office at the CityLink Center. Prior to joining Cincinnati Works, she was a human resources and management professional for 17 years with a Fortune 500 financial organization.

Success Stories

Jodi, Bartholomew County Success Stories
September 24, 2018

Jodi, Bartholomew County Works

Today, Jodi lives in her apartment with her dog Star and her youngest son. She still works at Caltherm, but no longer walks to work. She recently got her license…
Marta, Thrive Success Stories
September 24, 2018

Marta, Thrive

When Marta came to Thrive, she was a single mother of two, living in subsidized housing, had recently lost a job and was struggling to find employment. Over the last…
Lakeitha, Cincinnati Works Success Stories
September 24, 2018

Lakeitha, Cincinnati Works

I grew up in the projects, pregnant at 17 years old, and the father had left me. The Welfare to Work program suggested I visit Cincinnati Works. CW gave me…

The Cincinnati Works Business Model

Most social service agencies treat the symptoms of poverty with transactions: groceries from a food pantry, medicine from a free clinic, rental vouchers from a government agency. The Cincinnati Works Business Model treats the root of the problem, providing access to stable jobs and personalized coaching to help individuals retain and advance within those jobs.


years of existence


individuals helped


million impact on the local economy

The results are inspiring. In its 22+ years of existence, Cincinnati Works has helped more than 8,000 individuals get the coaching they need to attain and retain a job, delivering an estimated impact of $35 million on the local economy through increased income and sales tax and reduced use of public services.

People who need to change their lives, and are willing to do so, come to us and become clients for life. Our coaches help them work through the roadblocks that keep them from getting and keeping a job, while honing the soft skills that are necessary in a professional setting. In addition to employment coaching, we provide:

Financial Coaching

Behavioral Health Counseling

Transportation Assistance

Legal Advocacy

Chaplain Services

Once stable in a job, we move our client toward advancement – connecting them to training or education that can further their career, while continuing to address barriers in their personal and professional life. The goal is not merely to place a client in a job. It is to assist the client in becoming economically self-sufficient.

“Because of Cincinnati Works, my children will not know poverty.”

– LaKeitha, Cincinnati Works Client

Our team serves as a consultant during the startup phase, drawing on years of experience in all aspects of the work. We provide technical assistance to new associates in important areas such as:

Developing Programs

Strategic Planning

Recruiting Clients

Forging Relationships with Local Employers

Marketing & Fundraising

Finance & Logistics

We also facilitate learning and continuous improvement among all associate sites through webinars, training workshops and an online library of resources. And we encourage knowledge-sharing among the sites through the online and in-person interaction, including an annual meeting of all associates.

Contact a member of our team today to learn how we can help you implement the Cincinnati Works Business Model in your city.
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