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Together, We Can Eliminate Poverty

By supporting The Network, you are helping to eliminate poverty in communities across the United States.

Since 1965 when the war on poverty was declared by the U.S. Government, best estimates are that $15 trillion, yes that is trillion with a T, have been spent on programs to help the poor.

We also know that every decade since the ’50s, the poverty rate has gone UP in our major metropolitan areas.

Conclusion: what we’ve been doing isn’t working!

Good news, we can eliminate poverty. We are applying our business model, and guess what? It WORKS. We help people move from generational poverty to economic self-sufficiency. With an emphasis on coaching, our model involves holistic barrier removal: mental and physical health, financial coaching, skills training and teaching our clients how to solve problems.

We can eliminate poverty. You can make a dramatic impact on the lives of people and their children who want to escape generational poverty.

Please call or email me today.

Cynthia Lamb,, 513-744-5634.

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Success Stories

Jodi, Bartholomew County Success Stories
September 24, 2018

Jodi, Bartholomew County Works

Today, Jodi lives in her apartment with her dog Star and her youngest son. She still works at Caltherm, but no longer walks to work. She recently got her license…
Marta, Thrive Success Stories
September 24, 2018

Marta, Thrive

When Marta came to Thrive, she was a single mother of two, living in subsidized housing, had recently lost a job and was struggling to find employment. Over the last…
Lakeitha, Cincinnati Works Success Stories
September 24, 2018

Lakeitha, Cincinnati Works

I grew up in the projects, pregnant at 17 years old, and the father had left me. The Welfare to Work program suggested I visit Cincinnati Works. CW gave me…