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We have 23 organizations across 11 states who have adopted the Cincinnati Works Business Model. Our goal is to have 230 associate sites by 2030.

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The Network is committed to eliminating poverty in the United States by replicating the Cincinnati Works Business Model in cities across the country – inspiring leaders, employing communities and restoring lives along the way.

We have seen tangible results from our efforts in Cincinnati over the past 20+ years, and we know there are hundreds of communities eager to implement a strategy that works. The Network was formed to help local leaders in those communities implement the Cincinnati Works Business Model of one-on-one career coaching and strategic partnerships with local employers and other service agencies.

In addition to technical assistance during start-up, the Network provides ongoing consulting and a collaboration platform that enables Associates to share best practices and continually innovate their operations to meet local market needs.

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Our Team

Cynthia Lamb

Cynthia Lamb, President

Cynthia Lamb has worked in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, for startups and Fortune 500 companies, in industries from banking to golf courses to higher education. In her current role as President of The Network, she applies those experiences and her skills in leadership, innovation and relationship management to fight poverty across the country. As new Associates join The Network, Cynthia provides particular insight into startup operations and fundraising.

She came to Cincinnati Works in 2017 from Mount St. Joseph University, where she served as the key liaison between the school and the business community, leveraging relationships to uncover new educational opportunities and develop customized educational programs. In addition, she is founder and president of Rhino Enterprises, which provides marketing, promotional, and customer relationship management solutions to small and mid-sized organizations.

Cynthia earned her MBA from Xavier University and a B.A. in public administration from Miami University.

Glenna Parks

Glenna Parks, Director

As Director of The Network, Glenna Parks utilizes her strengths in communication, collaboration and coaching to support the successful implementation of the Cincinnati Works Business Model beyond the Cincinnati area. In order to efficiently spread the model to new markets, Glenna serves as a programming consultant for replication sites (Associates) while developing a formal Network to support all Associates.

Glenna has been a member of the Cincinnati Works team since 1998, giving her a unique insight into the Cincinnati Works Business Model. She served in a number of capacities, including Office Manager, Operations Manager (during Cincinnati Works’ first expansion into a new neighborhood) and Program Director of the satellite office at the CityLink Center. Prior to joining Cincinnati Works, she was a human resources and management professional for 17 years with a Fortune 500 financial organization.